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Mark Thompson
California, USA
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$25,000 to $30,000
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Mark Thompson
California, USA
$25,000 to $30,000
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  • Named by Forbes as one of “America’s top investors with the ‘Midas’ touch,” Thompson helps high achievers drive growth, change, and engagement.
  • CEO and co-founder of Virgin Unite Mentors, Sir Richard Branson's network for executive coaching and entrepreneurial innovation.
  • New York Times bestselling author, including Now Build a Great Business (2010) and Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters (2007).
  • Broadway producer of the Tony Award-winning play Peter and the Starcatcher and Tony-nominated StickFly.

Mark C. Thompson is an expert on executive leadership, business strategy, and innovation who has spent over 25 years leading teams and building companies from the ground up. He delivers actionable, valuable, and practical advice for leaders at all levels of an organization.

Currently a highly sought after executive coach and venture investor, Forbes called Thompson one of America’s Top Venture Investors with the “Midas Touch.” Thompson was recently featured as one of the “World’s Top Executive Coaches” by the American Management Association and #1 Thought Leader on Innovation and Engagement. He was named one of the “Top 30 Communications Professionals for 2015” by Global Gurus. Thompson advises top leaders in Fortune 500 and Global Fortune 1000 companies as well as the executive teams who are leading high growth startup companies in Silicon Valley today.

A New York Times bestselling author whose books include Admired: 21 Ways to Double Your Value (2012), Now Build a Great Business (2010), and Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters (2007), Thompson is also an Innovation Leadership columnist for Forbes.com, Inc.com and FastCompany.com. His most recent bestseller Admired is a primer on how the world’s “Most Admired Companies” achieve long-term success and growth as well as the qualities that are common to “Most Admired Leaders.”

Thompson has worked side-by-side with three of the world’s most legendary disruptive innovators: Steve Jobs, Charles Schwab, and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson. He brings insight from decades of experience with these great leaders and research on the culture of companies and brands that achieve the highest levels of employee engagement, customer loyalty, and continuous sales growth.

Thompson was Charles Schwab’s former Chief of Staff and Chief Customer Experience Officer, and the Executive Producer of Schwab.com which today has assets over $2.4 trillion. He is a co-founder of Sir Richard Branson’s Entrepreneurship Centres and an advisor to Virgin Unite Entrepreneurs. He is a founding advisor of the Stanford Realtime Venture Design Lab and is a visiting scholar at his alma mater, Stanford University. He has served as faculty at the World Economic Forum and World Business Forum, is a member of the Clinton Initiative, and an executive coach for TED Fellows.

Among Thompson’s passions are music and Broadway. Thompson serves as a founding Board of Directors member for Smule, the top music app company on iTunes which has over 125 million users worldwide. As a Broadway producer, Thompson’s plays have earned five Tony Awards and a total of ten Tony nominations, including Peter and the StarCatcher with Disney and StickFly with Alicia Keys.

Thompson lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Manhattan with two extraordinary women—his wife Bonita and their daughter Vanessa.


“If you’re crazy enough to do what you love for a living, then you’re bound to create a life that matters. The book Success Built to Last wisely counsels you to go nuts about something meaningful. That’s what you’re here to do, for heaven’s sake. If you do that, then you won’t need to finish this book!”
Chairman and Cofounder, Southwest Airlines

“In Success Built to Last, authors Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery and Mark Thompson share the wisdom of great leaders about sustaining success and having a fulfilling life at the same time. They show readers how to pursue their passions and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams, while staying true to who they are. The book is a ‘must read!’”
former Chairman & CEO, Medtronic and author of Authentic Leadership

“John Deere himself said ‘I will not put my name on a product that does not have the best in it that is in me.’ Imagine using that same standard in your personal life and career. When you commit yourself to excellence that would make you proud to put your name on everything you do, then you will have Success Built to Last.”
Robert Lane,
Chairman and CEO of John Deere & Co., Inc.

“At last, a powerful new resource, for leaders struggling to create ‘a life that matters,’ a guide book for the journey to greater significance for leaders across the sectors, around the world.”
Frances Hesselbein,
Chairman and Founding President Leader to Leader Institute, (formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation) and Editor–In–Chief of the Leader to Leader Journal

“You can make a difference if you put your passions to work in a way that builds a better life for you, your business and your community. Success Built to Last shows you how.”
Editor in Chief, Forbes Magazine

“In business and in life, lasting success takes teamwork, integrity and the courage to stick with what really matters. It’s the best five players that win the game, not the five best players. That’s what this book is all about.”
Chairman, President and CEO of Wells Fargo

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and work than find your passion and follow it–in a way that improves both yourself and the world. In this book you will learn from both unknown and famous people–inspiring leaders like Nelson Mandela and entrepreneur Michael Dell, along with schoolteachers, scientists, community workers, athletes, artists, Nobel laureates and the Presidents of nations.

“From Bono and Quincy Jones to Maya Angelou and The Dalai Lama, all the people you will meet in Success Built to Last challenged themselves to do more, be more and give back more than even they thought possible. Everyone wants success, but you can do better than that. This is an extraordinary book that finally reveals a meaningful ‘secret formula’ for success based on the lives of remarkable people.”
Sir Richard Branson

“The three co-authors of Success Built to Last have served on our corporate university advisory board since its inception. We have put these simple but eloquent principles and practices you’ll find here to work–developing leaders, building teams and creating great software. The book is both moving and practical. It also reflects the personal experiences of the authors–three leaders whom I admire and respect and, as far as I’m aware, is the most thoroughly researched work on enduring success and leadership available. The ideas are amazingly accessible.”
Spencer Clark III,
Chief Learning Officer of Cadence Design Systems

“Here at MasterCard International we have had the good fortune to work with Stewart and Joan Emery and apply many of the ideas that you will find in Success Built to Last. This book is a great read and provides excellent ‘real world’ examples for the reader to use immediately!”
Rob Reeg
Chief Technology Officer, MasterCard International

“An incredible book and a must read for anyone interested in achieving enduring success for themselves, their family, their stakeholders and community. This book is beautifully and compellingly written and it will help you summon up your passions on a daily basis.”
Jason Jennings

“Wonderfully poignant and readable book. A great blending of theory with application. Provides wisdom that makes common sense practical and accessible. Offers insights about how to make a life not just a living.”
Barry Z. Posner, Ph.D.
Dean an Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara University

“Want to pick the brains of extraordinarily successful people? My book can help you connect with one at a time, but the book you’re holding right now contains the lessons to be learned from over 200! For your career’s (and life’s) sake, I hope you read Success Built to Last this weekend. For the world’s sake, let’s hope this is the most read business book of the year.”
CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight and bestselling author of Never Eat Alone

“Anything worth doing in life takes a team. If you want to Create a Life That Matters – as you will see in this book – you’ve got to recruit a team to your dream.”
Commissioner of the National Basketball Association

“There is nothing more important you can do than create a life that matters for you and your family. That is the only way to achieve Success Built to Last. As a leader and a parent, you’ve got to read this book and then give it to the teens in your family!”
President of IMAX Films


Mark C. Thompson is a world-renowned authority and top speaker on leadership, driving change and innovation, sales growth, and customer and employee engagement.

His repertoire of presentations is constantly changing. Recent topics include “Business Transformation: Drive Change and Create a Culture of Innovation,” a meditation on disruptive innovation and how big companies can embrace change while still meeting the demands of Wall Street, “Most Admired Leadership: Nobody Does it Alone! Building Great Teams,” in which Thompson shares insights on top leadership qualities based on research and case studies, and “Fanatic Sales Growth: Success Built to Last Growing from Good to Great to ADMIRED,” a must-have for any company looking to instill long-term sales growth and lasting success.

Thompson deeply understands what he is talking about. His words resonate and will prompt great success for any leader looking to achieve it. He is a dynamic speaker with humor, insight, and experience that will lift any entrepreneurial spirit and drive effective action leading to enduring results.

Keynote Topics

  • Doing it All: Getting Done What Matters Most SIX steps to Passionate Engagement Despite Pressure & Change
  • Most Admired Company – Boost Employee Engagement How can your team become the ‘Most Admired’ in your industry?
  • Make Change Happen – Success Built to Last How do you convince your team not only to embrace change, but actually lead the transformation now – with urgency?
  • Build a Great Business – Boost Sales & Profit Growth In this high-impact keynote, Mark reveals the 3 critical drivers of influence for every great business and high performance leaders.
  • Doing it All: Getting Done What Matters Most
    Being a leader in the "new normal" means that you're multitasking 24/7 and you're expected to produce great results with fewer resources. It's no surprise that maintaining focus on the highest priorities can be a major hurdle. With so many simultaneous demands on your time, passionate engagement is a "must have" skill.

    NYTimes bestselling author Mark C. Thompson will give your team the Productive Passion Test: Six steps that ignite passionate engagement and how to get back on track when you are thrown off course. Learn how the most productive, high achievers get it all done!

  • How to get into Productive Flow
  • Build a Resilient Edge to bounce back from challenges
  • Tap the passions that inspire Engaged Accountability
  • Find innovative ways to manage Overcommitment
  • Balance Humility with Political Incorrectness
  • Ignite Collaborative Leadership — Get the Right People in the Right Seats to Embrace Change
  • Thompson’s new keynote is based on his long-time research partnership with Stanford University Professor Clifford Nass – who pioneered studies at the Stanford MediaLab on relationships and multitasking ‐ as well as Mark’s experience as a founding advisor with the Virgin Unite Richard Branson Entrepreneurship Innovation Centres.

    The American Management Association (AMA) is launching a series of AMA Leadership Webinars on this topic with Mark, and the series will feature Q&A with other top global business leaders including Sir Richard Branson.

    Most Admired Company - Boost Employee Engagement
    How can your team become the "Most Admired" in your industry? Mark shares his new study (with Stanford and Northwestern researchers) revealing what Highly Engaged Employees admire and value in companies, teams and leaders.

  • What 8 Leadership Traits engage top performers most?
  • What 21 tools will double the value you provide customers?
  • How can you become the MVP of your team?
  • Make Change Happen - Success Built to Last
    How do you convince your team not only to embrace change, but actually lead the transformation now - with urgency? In this exciting keynote and seminar, Mark shares insights and video from world-class companies that at first struggled with change and then reinvented their businesses.

  • What 3 factors galvanize change in every person?
  • How do world-class teams generate unstoppable growth?
  • What 5 Customer Service strategies are Built to Last?
  • How do you grow leaders from Good to Great - Level 1 to 5 - and what steps are necessary to develop high-performing teams?
  • Build a Great Business - Boost Sales & Profit Growth
    In this high-impact keynote, Mark reveals the 3 critical drivers of influence for every great business and high performance leaders.

  • 5 Mistakes That Cut Sales in Half.
  • Helping clients understand the cost of ignoring your offer.
  • What Does Your Market Crave?
  • 5 Tools To Double Sales: Positioning-Pain-Promise-Proof-Planning.

    Admired: 21 Ways to Double Your Value
    You deserve to be valued, respected, and admired for what matters to you. Here are twenty-one ways to make it happen. “Imagine how it would feel to be fully valued for what you do best. What if your boss, your customers, and your family really appreciated what you have to offer? How proud would you be if your organization won the top spot among Fortune Magazine’s ‘Most Admired Companies?’ What if Jim Collins rated you a ‘Level 5 leader’? In this book, you’ll find 21 simple and powerful strategies that will help you become more valued in a crowded and competitive world—not in a superficial way or just for its own sake—but for what matters most to you and to the most valuable people (MVPs) in your life and work.” From the Foreword by Frances Hesselbein and Marshall Goldsmith
    Order Here

    Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters
    The phenomenal follow-up to the bestselling Built to Last

    Imagine discovering what successful people have in common, distilling it into a set of simple practices, and using them to transform your career and your life. That′s what Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson—leading thinkers in organizational development and self- improvement have done in Success Built to Last. Two hundred remarkable human beings from around the world are included, notably:

  • Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO, Amazon.com
  • Warren Buffett
  • Bill Clinton
  • Frances Hesselbein, former CEO, Girl Scouts of America
  • Maya Angelou
  • Bill Gates

    Each shares how he or she harvested victories, learned from failures, and found the courage to be true to their passions. By following a set of simple principles culled from these inspiring interviews, readers can transform their business and personal lives—and discover the true meaning of success
    Order Here

    Now, Build a Great Business!: 7 Ways to Maximize Your Profits in Any Market
    Publisher′s Weekly says: Thompson (Success Built to Last) and Tracy (No Excuses!) offer easy, tried-and-true ways to think about and plan organizational growth, especially in tough economic times. In seven steps (with a chapter devoted to each), the authors identify sustainable strategies for attracting customers and recruiting better leaders. They share seven simple questions that leaders ask themselves and provide helpful checklist exercises on a variety of key topics including creating a great business plan, designing an effective marketing plan, and creating a good customer experience. In addition, they explore how to perfect the sales process, and their chapter on recruiting and motivating employees offers valuable advice on a tired subject--utilize the "SWAN formula" (hire candidates who are Smart, Work hard, are Ambitious, and are Nice, positive people); establish expectations; and manage by objectives. While much of what′s covered is simple and straightforward, readers will find the practical aspects and clear organization of this book particularly useful.
    Order Here

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