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Speaker Manangement Services

Core Speakers Agency (CSA) offers premier, personalized, concierge speaker management services.

If you are a visionary pacesetter in your industry, C-level executive or a promising new speaker with a unique backstory and compelling content, we want to hear from you! Simply email Sarah Capri to arrange a call with our CEO Michael Frick to discuss how we can help grow and manage your speaking career.

Dedicated to innovation, excellence and tangible results, CSA will grow your speaking opportunities, ideally position your intellectual content, provide personal branding strategies and save you time by handling all event logistics. Committed to long-term successful relations and global opportunities, our hallmark is inclusiveness; we do not require “exclusivity” as has been historically practiced in the bureau industry. Instead, we want to maximize personal branding, marketing and networking opportunities.



Masters at high-touch relations, we cultivate and oversee relationships with speakers bureaus, clients and other affiliates. Program consultation, overall career advice and intellectual property development are just a few of the comprehensive services we provide.


Time Savings

Our full-service support team streamlines your speaking career by handling all event logistics from pre-booking inquiries to conference calls, travel coordination, contracting, accounting, audio / visual, marketing materials, international issues, post event follow-up and more.



Our inclusive collaborative model will help maximize your visibility, bookings and opportunities via social media, long-term relationship management, peer networking, public relations and other avenues.

Our speakers help audiences succeed in both their personal and professional lives. Our philosophy is “make good things happen while having fun doing it!” And, since 1993, we have!

Core Speakers Agency is on the leading-edge of the speaker agency model. Dedicated to long-term successful solutions, our hallmark is inclusiveness; we do not require “exclusivity” as has been historically practiced in the bureau industry. Unlike most agencies, we happily partner with other speakers bureaus and let them promote our speakers on their websites and marketing campaigns. This leverages our speakers with maximum visibility across all marketing channels and cultivates the broadest range of speaking opportunities.

Our bottom line is to advance your speaking career by saving you time and money while generating more and better speaking opportunities.

The compensation for all CSA speaker management services is solely commission based. There are no retainer or service fees of any kind.

If this sounds like a good fit, please Email Sarah Capri at CSA to schedule a private phone appointment with our CEO, Michael Frick to continue the discussion.

Core: the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.
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